Having existing programs and wide range of clientele, YTC Your Tutorial Center has a proven and developed system.  YTC has an easy to follow and practical franchise procedure which includes an intensive training program for the center manager and the teaching staff.  

With a reasonable franchise fee and a low royalty fee, the Franchisee enjoys a 3-in-1 Center. With a minimal area, the Franchisee can start its operations in 45 to 60 days upon signing of the Franchise Agreement and approval of location. YTC's Business  Franchise set up is for a term of five years and may be renewed without additional fee under certain conditions.  

  • 3-in1 Investment: Tutorial, Review and Language Center
  • WIDE RANGE of clientele
  • DEVELOPED and PROVEN Business System
  • EASY and PRACTICAL Franchise Procedure
  • INTENSIVE Training Program for Operations and Teaching Staff



  • Minimal area required to start
  • READY to operate in 45 to 60 days
  • REASONABLE Franchise and Royalty Fees
  • ANNUAL Franchisees' Get-together and Catching-up 
  • ANNUAL GEARING-UP for the Academic Tutorial Teams